Quality at Clanrye

Clanrye Group take pride in the quality of training, support and activities that we deliver to all of our participants. 

Regular feedback on participant experiences ensure that the provision we offer is purposeful, enjoyable and rewarding for everyone.  2018 was a busy year for us and what better way to end it than fantastic feedback from our year end participant survey. 

There's always room for improvement as the survey suggests. 

What is Quality Assurance?

‘Quality Assurance’ is a term that has rapidly become very important in Training and Education.  What exactly is quality assurance? Why do we need it?

It is Clanrye Group’s aim that all training programmes are consistently managed and delivered to the highest possible standard. We are committed to ensuring that ongoing quality improvement is an integral part of how we work internally. Clanrye seeks to continuously improve the best outcomes for participants, employers, providers and the wider communities they serve.

Our Quality Assurance Procedure

Clanrye has invested considerable resources in developing a Quality Policy now linked to the Quality Cycle and a detailed Compliance Schedule. 

Clanrye Group’s quality assurance procedures are designed to serve three purposes:

·  To ensure that our organisation continually and systematically monitors and evaluates performance in order to improve the quality of provision and the levels of achievement across all services within Clanrye Group;

·  To inform the process of our organisation’s self-evaluation and quality improvement planning;

·  To provide essential information, both qualitative and quantitative, to government departments (Education & Training Inspectorate), employers, participants and the public to enable them to have confidence in the  training/education and work-based learning systems Clanrye provides. 

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