Claire's Blog

Meet Claire, our Community Development Co-ordinator and Health & Wellness Expert.  In June 2020, Claire's blog featured in the Newry Reporter to help inform the local readers of the community support available to them during the health crisis.

Alongside educating people on their health & wellness, Claire co-ordinates a range of activities with the Community Development Team for the local community to enjoy. To find out more visit our Community Development Service

Week 10: Stay the Course

Week 9: No Smoking Day

Week 8: Face your fears

Week 7: Digital Poverty

Week 6: Mid Term

Week 5: Anyone else struggling with their Mental Health

Week 4: Forget the Gym

Week 3: Working from Home

Week 2: Work with it

Week 1 (2021): Run Forrest Run

Week 27: Surviving a third lockdown

Week 26: A time for giving and a time for forgiving

Week 25: Newry Reporter Gift Giving

Week 24: Pregnancy during Covid

Week 23: Christmas on a Budget

Week 22: Health and Fitness

Week 21: Homelessness

Week 20: Winter Lockdown

Week 19: The Power of Sleep

Week 18: Awareness leads to Acceptance

Week 17: Get Green Fingers

Week 16: Learn to Grow

Week 15: Kindness is Contagious

Week 14: Healthy Environment

Week 13: Mental Health

Week 12: Chronic Pain

Week 11: Our Children

Week 10: Protecting Our Loved Ones

Week 9: Back to our New Normal

Week 8: Work Vs Family

Week 7: Grow Yourself Well

Week 6: Healthy Relationships

Week 5: Support When You Need It

Week 4: Nutrition

Week 3: Self Care

Week 2: Mental health and me in corona times

Week 1: Get Active