Employer Advice

Business Grants & Support

Halifax Foundation's Small & Medium Grants (considering applications supporting the community at this time of crisis and endeavour to get funds out quickly) - Click Here

SMALL BUSINESS GRANTS - Automatic payments will be made to those who LPS already has the bank details for but for anyone else the online portal to register for the small business grant of £10k is now open - Click Here to apply

NIVCA's Funders' Support during COVID-19 Period - Click Here for list of different funders and what they're doing to help.

Charity Digital's Tech offers available to charities (a number of tech vendors are making their services available for free or at discounted rates) - Click Here

Advice for Voluntary Groups trying to support people at this crucial time

The Social Care Council have put together a learning resource called, 'Hope, Hints and "How To" - Helping you respond to living and dying issues during COVID-19'. This training is beneficial for any group trying to support people during the COVID-19 period. 

It includes:

  • Holding onto hope in challenging times - Amanda Mellon (NHSCT)
  • Advance care planning. The heart of living and dying conversations - Deirdre McKenna (SHSCT)
  • Facilitating difficult conversations - Ethna Scallon (SEHSCT)
  • Supporting children during illness and to cope with bereavement - Lorraine Graham (NI Hospice)
  • Grieving and support during COVID-19 - Gillian Thomas (WHSCT)
  • Self-care for frontline workers and line managers - Dr Audrey Roulston (QUB)
  • Spirituality - Sr. Fiona Galliagan (SHSCT)

Furloughed Workers - What to do?

The Furlough Worker scheme is for all UK employers with a PAYE system, including charities, and will enable employers to access financial support to continue paying part of the salary for those who would otherwise have been laid off during the crisis. To find more information on this scheme - Click Here.

Managing your (Newly) Remote Employees

Harvard Business Review have put together a guide with issues and solutions associated with managing remote employees during this period. Click here to read it.

Breathe HR have produced the 10 Top Tips for managing your staff remotely. As a manager, getting to grips with managing a remote team is a skill that you’ll benefit from sooner or later. To read the top tips, click here.