Health Advice & Guidance

Advice for Pregnant Women & New Parents

*NEW* Public Health Agency just launched a new website dedicated to Pregnant Women in Northern Ireland. The website gives Trust specific information alongside advice and guidance for the most commonly asked questions. Click here to access this information.

Advice for Pregnant Women including the effects of Coronavirus on Mum and Baby. Steps on what you should do now. Click Here for more information.

The Public Health Agency have released new online courses with for new parents and parents-to-be. The courses cover: 
1. Understanding pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby
Understanding pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby: for women couples

2. Understanding your baby 

To access this click here, and use the access code: NIBABIES. This code is used in the Orange Box at the top of the screen. By using this code you will receive a 100% discount

Child Benefit  - claim Child Benefit by phone or post, HMRC tells new parents. To find out more on how to claim Child Benefit , click here.

NHS Advice

NHS: Important information for everyone regarding COVID-19. Important messages include:
Stay at home, how to stop the spreading, and what to do if you need medical help. There is also additional information for those at higher risk.

Coronavirus App

Download a new Coronavirus App providing people across Northern Ireland with immediate advice and links to vital trusted information, as the situation with the pandemic evolves we will keep the app up to date.

Link for Google Play Store

Link for Apple Store

Financial Support - Have you or a family member been affect by COVID-19?

***Covid 19 - Discretionary Support Form***

To help support people during the COVID-19 pandemic the Department for Communities has put in place a non-repayable GRANT payment to assist with short-term living expenses where a person, or a member of their immediate family, has been infected by COVID-19 or told to self-isolate. 

To apply for the grant you can fill in the claim form by clicking here.