Regener8 unveil the WA Davis Garden Project in Newry

The Clanrye Group volunteers (pictured here) led by Tony McAteer exceeded all expectations within the tight budget to produce a pleasant garden admired by many passers-by. The subway is a busy route for pedestrians from the car park on North Street to shops on Hill Street.

Back: Judith Poucher (Clanrye Group Deputy Manager), Connor McClorey, James Thompson, Lee Kearney, Amy Moore, Adam Boswell

Front: Jackie Campbell (Regener8 Co-ordinator), Dara O’Hagan (Manager of Youth and Family Service), Tony McAteer (Regener8 Co-ordinator), Shannon Laffin, Liam Devine (Manager Clanrye Group), Caoimhe Quinn, Leah Stuttard (Admin), Shane Smith (Tutor).

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