Success Stories and Testimonials

The participants are at the core of this programme and making sure there experience with Clanrye Group is a great one, is something we strive for. The tremendous success and achievements our participants have gained is another incredible factor of this programme

Here is what some of the participants had to say regarding their experience and the incredible success they have accomplished.


"I walk 5 or 6 miles, 3 to 4 times a week, to get groceries, visit family (Socially distanced of course) and just to clear my head.  I love getting out for a walk along the river. It gives me a chance to connect with nature and it’s amazing the conversations you have when you meet people on these walks. 

I find the telephone calls and support from Clanrye help motivate me.  The regular calls from the Positive Direction team gives me some contact on days when I do not feel motivated to do anything.  I feel that setting tasks gives me a sense of accomplishment and gives me targets to work towards.  

I look forward to getting back to Mayfair to meet everyone again."


Bernie joined the positive directions programme in ICT. 

However, during her personal and soft skills assessments captured throughout her first few weeks on the programme she highlighted that her motivation and determination had already increased, and her communication and social skills had improved as a result of attending Clanrye.

She described her Positive Directions,  ICT tutor as creating  a “calm and relaxed learning environment with a bit of craic” which Bernie has flourished in. She has achieved her ECDL Essentials Level 1,  ECDL Core/Extra, Level 2. She commented that, for her, “it’s good to be able to put the qualification on CV as evidence of ICT experience, it has enhanced my job opportunities.” Bernie commented that “it has been helpful to have flexible timetable and being able to work alongside the course.” 

The barriers to employment for Bernie have all been knocked down by our Positive Directions team and she is now empowered to choose the career path she would like to go down as many doors have been opened for her.


Cathal, 23 joined Clanrye Group, Positive Directions Programme, Mayfair Business Centre. He immediately felt that Clanrye Group could provide a place he could be supported and cared for. Cathal has advised that he was nervous at first when joining Clanrye, but very quickly was given plenty of warm welcomes.

He stated, “Being there, I felt part of this community of well rounded and likeable people who wanted to help not just myself, but all participants succeed in their desired careers.”


His aspirations were to gain employment preferably in the media industry and as he had already exhausted opportunities within this sector, he was prepared to move towards an administration role.  He was afforded the opportunity and was able to meet like-minded people.

Cathal explained, “Clanrye understood my autism and social difficulties and they would encourage me to join in and mingle with others and share my passion for film culture while listening to their passion and interests.”

With the high level of support from staff, his resilience and concentration improved. He began to believe in himself. He was delighted as he progressed through his qualifications and increasingly became competent in ICT skills. Cathal received extensive employability support to apply for jobs and to participate in mock interviews.


He also gained EL3 and Level 1, Digital Employability qualification; ECDL Level 2 Extra/Core.

He has commented on the impact these qualifications have had on him and how they have been the catalyst to gain employment.

Cathal advised that when he received the job, “It was very surreal but I was just so excited and tremendously happy for receiving this new job, I felt that all the hard work I made over half  a year really paid off in the end and I owe it to Clanrye for their commitment.”