Support through Lockdown

Even during this difficult period, we have been working with our participants helping them through lockdown and providing them with the support and guidance they need to meet their goals and keep their future bright.

Have a read of what our participant have had to say about their experiences!


“During this time in lockdown I have been called by my tutor Gabriel to help me through my work and see if I need any help I am currently doing a PowerPoint on console research. It took me a while to get going on it but once I had it has been going great.

Gabriel is also great to talk to if you have any problems or worries you might have. He is great to have a laugh with.

I do miss Clanrye sometimes because I went in on Monday and Wednesday, I liked it because the class does not feel serious and you can go at your own pace. You can also have a laugh with anyone and if you needed help there is always someone to help you. Paul was great at giving help. Gabriel and Paul always have good at coming back and forth with you. I have really enjoyed my time at Clanrye. It has been a great experience plus I met my girlfriend Emma so that is great.

I have also been called by Alison Bingham. She just asks how am, I am doing or do I need anything. She is also great to talk to about movies and tv. Alison is awesome and very funny. Brian also calls sometimes to see if I need anything. He is very nice, and we talk about tv shows.

Basically, everybody that works in Clanrye are nice and caring.

I just want to say that Clanrye has been very caring during this time of Lockdown. I couldn’t complain thank you for all the assistance.”  


Gareth joined the Positive Directions programme in January 2020 hoping to broaden his CV and gain support in searching for employment. Although 2020 has presented many challenges, Gareth has continued to learn remotely and has demonstrated reliability, punctuality and excellent communication skills in attending as many zoom classes as he possibly can and engaging well with his ICT tutor Gabriel. Although he admits that “progress has been slower” this past few months, he has really appreciated the one to one support online that Gabriel provides.


Gareth has been chatting with his mum and friends throughout the lockdown, connecting with others through gaming. He commented that meeting with Gabriel weekly has really helped him through the isolation the lockdown caused; “He was one of the people I’ve talked to most during the covid period, it made me feel like a human being throughout the loneliness.”


The staff on the PD team have been so encouraged to see Gareth embracing a variety of new ventures during the lockdown. He commented that he enjoys the social activities on a Tuesday; “its nice to see other people, I cant fault anything that provides me with social connection”.  He has also enjoyed working with George on gardening activities. As a skilled chef, Gareth is passionate about cooking and is excited to grow and use his own herbs for dishes and the support George provided gave him the motivation to try this. His search for work has continued throughout the lockdown period. Gareth has kept in regular contact with our Employability Mentor Brian, who has helped him create a CV and to search for jobs. Gareth said that this period has motivated him to continue his search for work “I hate the solitary, I am wanting to return to work. If Brian can help me to find the right job, I would jump at it!” We as a team wish him all the best in his search and look forward to continue providing this outstanding, multi-talented participant with the support needs to find the job he deserves!