Training and Qualifications

Qualifications are delivered across 3 vocational areas within the Positive Directions Programme.

Making the most of our amazing HQ at Slieve Gullion Courtyard, participants can enjoy practical experience within the walled gardens and Gullion Treasures.

Retail & Customer Service: 

OCN NI Level 1 Award / Certificate in Vocational Skills

Focus Award Level 1 Customer Service / Principles of Customer Service

NOCN Level 2 Certificate in Retail Skills

Level 2 Award / Certificate in Vocational Skills

Clanrye Group has been delivering ICT qualifications for individuals with a disability for 20+ years. Our staff are able to provide adjustments to cater for each persons training needs. 


OCR Entry 3 / Level 1 Digital Employability

Level 1 E Safety

Level 1 ECDL Essentials

Level 1/2 ECDL Flexible qualification

Level 2 ECDL Extra

Level 2 ECDL Core

ICT have also introduced a new qualification:

OCNNI Exploring Social Media Level 1 in which participants will:

1. Understand the opportunities and threats associated with using social networks.

2. Understand the application of social networks.

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