ECDL is a Europe-wide recognised qualification in IT. The qualification proves competency in a wide range of computer skills areas. It provides the individual with an up-to-date and professionally recognised qualification and offers the employer an ensured standard level of training in modern technology and its uses. 

The qualification is made up of seven core units that are each examined by a 45-minute test. The ECDL syllabus can be broken down and delivered with different tests to gain any of the below qualifications:


1.       IT User Skills - Level 1 Award (ECDL Essentials) is a Level 1 ITQ Award with 9 Credits and consists of modules 1, 2 & 7.  ECDL Essentials is designed as an introduction to IT.

2.       IT User Skills - Level 2 Certificate (ECDL Extra) is a Level 2 ITQ Certificate with 16 Credits and consists of 4 modules. ECDL Extra builds on a students’ basic knowledge to improve their understanding of word processing, spreadsheets and presentation software packages.

3.       IT User Skills - Level 2 Certificate (ECDL Core) is a level 2 Certificate Qualification with 25 Credits. It consists of 7 modules and excludes the Productivity in IT module. The qualification opens up a variety of opportunities through the broad range of skills it provides.

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