Career Support

Knowing what you want for your career and setting yourself goals is a hard task but our team can help you with it. 

Via 1:1 / small group work our Career Mentors and Tutors can help you focus on what it is you would like to do and more importantly they can set you on the right path to help you move towards achieving your goal.

Let our team take the stress out of this challenge and let's enjoy figuring out what you would like to do. If you already know what that is....great! Let's start achieving!  

CV Support

Don't have a CV? It's so out of date you are embarrassed to look at it?

We LOVE CV's! Let us support you to develop your CV through CV building workshops, online support to help you type the perfect CV and even providing opportunities to enhance your skills and experience. 

Not sure where to search for jobs? We know all the best sites to visit / places to look. 

We are also available to help with the dreaded application forms for jobs which can be lengthy and tricky. If you need help, please ask.  

Interview Support

So you've submitted your CV or application form and you get called for an interview. 

Do you panic or freeze? Or do you start preparing to wow them? We can help with the WOW! 

We provide practical support through hosting mock interviews,  giving you techniques & tips and feedback to improve all aspects of your interviewing skills. Our team will be with you every step of the way and provide support in all aspects of the process.