Non-Accredited Courses

These courses were suggested by our programme participants and run based on demand.

To register your interest for this course speak to a staff member today. 

Email: trina.o' or Call: (028) 3089 8119

Food Values

Food Values is a programme for anyone who buys and prepares their own food each week.  The programme includes practical activities as well as hands-on cooking in each session and is delivered by Food Values trained Tutors. 

Sessions 1-3 focus on the skills required for buying food within a budget, with an emphasis on shopping for healthier food throughout. Each session includes hands-on cooking using recipes from the accompanying Food Values Cook Book.
Session 4 contains a list of food shopping activities/tasks that can be carried out during the session

Drivers Theory

Do you have a driving licence? 

This is one of the key criteria for lots of job applications and if you can't drive it may be the difference between getting shortlisted or your CV being tossed in the recycling. Family Foundations staff can help you!

They are able to offer 1:1 / small group sessions on Drivers Theory training and the dreaded Hazard Perception Test. Our success rate is through the roof. 

Ask about Drivers Theory Training in your local office.