Mental Health Workshops

Growing up in todays society is hard! 

The influx of apps and the reliance on social media can drive a wedge between people instead of bringing them together. In a time where we 'should' be feeling better connected, some people have never felt so alone.

Our REGENER8 team are proud be able to offer workshops, counselling and 1:1 advice for the benefit of all of our participants' MENTAL HEALTH. At Clanrye Group, no matter what programme you take part in, your health and well-being is priority. 

Counselling Room at Slieve Gullion

In 2019 we were delighted to open our newly refurbished Counselling Room at Slieve Gullion where our participants are offered the opportunity to speak to a full trained Counsellor on a weekly basis.

Participants also have the opportunity to design workshops around the topics / issues they are faced with and this has proved very successful in the previous programme. 

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